Fury vs Klitschko rematch could be postponed?

IBO/WBA/WBO heavyweight champion Tyson Fury is injured again, and the rematch against Wladimir Klitschko that is scheduled is on the verge to be canceled. It’s now known what kind of injury has Fury this time. However this injury seems to be bad enough for Fury to postpone the match. In recent photos of Fury this week, he looks to be very heavy around the middle. Fury’s midsection looks to have a lot of blubber there. With only five weeks to go before the rematch with Klitschko, it’s hard to imagine Fury being able to burn the lard off.

The fat is noticeable not only in the belly area of Fury, but also in the sides. It bulges outward. To take that kind of weight off in five weeks might be possible, but it would take a lot of hard work and Fury might be weaker for having taken off the weight. Another postponement would give Fury more time to take the blubber off unless he’s got another leg injury. From behind, the flab on Fury’s sides looks almost like a bullfrog. I don’t know how Fury could have gotten so heavy.

“No official confirmation yet but I was told by a good source that #FuryKlitschko2 is about to called off again. Let’s see what happens,” said Dan Rafael on his Twitter.

This will be the second time that Fury has suffered an injury during training camp for the rematch with Klitschko. Fury, suffered an ankle injury while training for the July rematch with Wladimir. The fight was then postponed until October 29 at the Manchester Arena in Manchester, England.

If this is another Fury injury, it would be so, so sad. What’s going on with the guy? Is his body starting to break down at 28? We’ve seen big fighters break down injuries before, but this would be a real disappointment if Fury ends up to be one of them. It would be especially bad news for Wladimir, 40, as he doesn’t have much time left in his boxing career. He can’t afford to be sitting on the shelf for a year at a time waiting for Fury’s injury problems to clear up before facing him again. At some point, you have to figure the sanctioning bodies will step in and give Fury an emeritus champion tag and strip him of his straps so that someone can fight over his belts. I’m just saying. We can’t have Wladimir aging to nothingness while waiting for Fury to finally get healthy enough to get back inside the ring, can you? If Wladimir was still a young buck in his early 20s, then it wouldn’t be a big deal for Fury to be getting hurt over and over again.

The news of yet another injury for Fury hasn’t been verified as of yet. All we can do is hope that it’s not true, considering it’s been almost a year since the two heavyweights faced each other last November. The boxing world wants to see Fury and Klitschko fight each other again so that they can move on to bigger and better things. If Fury is able to beat Wladimir in the rematch, it would setup a potential big money unification fight between Fury and IBF belt holder Anthony Joshua in 2017.

It would be interesting to see what would happen if the sanctioning bodies stripped Fury of his straps one by one whether he would be able to defend his titles before all of them were stripped from him. This is a nightmare. Fury has got to get back in the ring already, because he’s got the belts and he’s not doing anything with them. It’s been 10 months since Fury captured the titles, and if he fight is postponed yet again, it will have been over a year since he last fought.

The Klitschko-Fury fight from last November was one of the most boring fights I’ve ever seen before in my life. It was nothing but running, holding and swatting at the air by Fury for 12 rounds. For his part, Wladimir just followed Fury around without throwing punches all night long. It was so terrible to watch.

If Fury does postpone the Klitschko fight a second time, he’ll be really testing the patience of the sanctioning bodies. Luckily for Fury, he’s got so many titles in his possession. Even if one or two of the sanctioning bodies choose to strip him, he’ll still have another title to keep for the rematch with Wladimir. It would be bad for Wladimir though, because he was hoping to win back at least some of his old titles. If Fury winds up getting completely stripped of all his titles, then he could in theory walk into the ring strapless against Wladimir when they do eventually fight each other one of these days.


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