Mourinho chances to enter in Champions zone, Wenger’s last call, Klopp’s intellegence! Today in Premier League

Today might be one of the most interesting weekend for the Premier League so far. There is a direct battle between Liverpool and Arsenal for Champions league place in the table. In other side Manchester United has an “easy” match against Bournemouth. United has no option by the win today, because they can take advantage from the derby between Arsenal and Liverpool.

In all the matches the person that is most under pressure is Arsene Wenger. He has maybe the toughest match of the season. Liverpool has won almost all the derby matches this season. If Wenger loses this match than he might be sacked even before the season ends.

Mourinho is entering in the match against Bournemouth with great ambitions. After the team won the English Community Cup, they wont miss a chance to enter in the champions zone.

The table in English Premier League at the moment is leaded by Chelsea with 63 point. The second in the table is Tottenham with 53. Third is Manchester City with 52 points but match less comparing with the first two. Arsenal is on the forth place with match less then Liverpool that is on the five place with 49 pints. Manchester United with a possible win today can make 51 points and could enter in the first four.

This season probably is easy for Chelsea that is 10 points ahead of the second place Tottenham. But the battle for qualification in the next year Champions League group stage will continue until the last match of Premier League this season.