Lukaku wants Champions League appearance!


Romelu Lukaku is passing amazing season for Everton. He has already scored 17 goals so far this season. He is considered as one of the best striker in Europe at the moment. But, for him to prove him self that is a class striker like Lewandowski or Luis Suarez he wants to play also in Champions League.

Since Everton is far away from qualifying in Champions League, this message could be seen as an open offer by Lukaku to top European teams.

In an interview on Sky Sports, the former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher asked Lukaku whether he felt the likes of Suarez and Lewandowski had an advantage.


He said: ‘It is difficult to compare at the moment. They have the Champions League platform to show themselves.

‘Those are the top games where I need to show people I belong to them too.

‘I need a platform where I can show myself constantly in the big games because now I am scoring over the last five or six seasons all the time in the Premier League” ended Lukaku.