Klopp: I’ve already said 500,000 times that Messi is the best player I’ve seen

Jürgen Klopp does not dispute the merit of the Messi and claims that there is no one better than him. However, he would have liked to see Van Dijk, star of Liverpool, lift the trophy.

“ The decision is made by journalists, right? So that’s how people see it and there’s no problem at all. I see it a little different, I think it’s normal for people to see it a little different. I don’t remember watching such a spectacular defense season, honestly.

“So if Van Dijk had won it would be right, too. What Virgil said after seeing Messi win explains how he is as a person: fantastic.”

On the other hand the German coach praised Messi after winning what is already his sixth Golden Ball. Klopp says he has never seen anyone better than the Argentinian.

“ Leo Messi, I’ve said it probably 500,000 in my life, is probably the best player I’ve seen in my whole life. When I was very young I saw Pelé and Beckenbauer, then Maradona and now I see Messi. I do not know how they played all the others, sure to be excellent, but Leo is now the best and has been deserved winner six times and Cristiano five”, ditches coach Red.