“Eliminate it completely”, Christian Pulisic for VAR


Christian Pulisic believes football would improve if VAR were to be removed, especially given recent controversies surrounding the technology.

He told Men in Blazers that when VAR works in favor of the team, the players love it, but when the opposite happens – they hate it.

“I don’t mind technology at all when it’s used properly, I think it’s great in my opinion, but other than that, I know it’s one of those things where if it works for you, you love it. If he is against you, you hate him”, the Milan star said first.


“Eliminate completely. “Overall as a fan, I just think we’re better off without him.”

The former Chelsea man made the comments after a wrong VAR decision denied Liverpool a goal against Tottenham on Saturday.

There have been many comments from footballers and coaches and the technology is being misused and is damaging the world’s most watched sport