The failures of this weekend in football! (FOTO)


When we talking about failures in football everyone thinks on a team or a player but according to our analyze for this weekend the failures are the managers of the favorite high-ranked teams like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester City, Manchester United and Bayern Munchen.

1.Zinedine Zidane (Real Madrid 1-1 Eibar)


Seems that he can’t overcome the crises of Real Madrid in the pitch. After the draw against Eibar the position of Zidane is not anymore untouchable. He has four matches in row including the Champions League match against Borussia Dortmund that at the end the result ends draw. Everyone in Madrid is expecting more from Zidane’s team.

2.Luis Enrique (Celta Vigo 4-3 Barcelona)


After the surprising loss from Deportivo Alaves in week 3, it looked like they recovered well and Barcelona made solid appearance but on yesterday match looked like they can’t overcome Celta Vigo in their home. Same like last year when nobody believed Celta won 4-1, same like this year but will a little “improvement” by Barcelona that scored tw0 more goals then  last year and the result ended 4-3 in favor of Celta. Let’s see it’s Celta the bad luck for Barcelona or Barcelona has not gained the best form yet!?

3.Pep Guardiola (Tottenham 2-0 Manchester City)


Everyone thought that he can keep the winning track for long but surprising with Manchester City’s yesterday poor performance he got the first loss this season. We still can’t say did he made any tactical mistake or as we saw the match Tottenham is superb we will have to leave the time to decide. However Guardiola lost the match and he can be put as failure of the weekend also.


4.Jose Mourinho (Manchester United 1-1 Stoke City)


With his team ups and downs looks like Manchester United can’t get the best form to play football. In the strategy that Mourinho is applying seem that the biggest transfers that he made doesn’t worth at all. The bad form that Manchester United is going we saw on the match against the underrated Zorya in Europa League. In that match Mourinho was furious at his players and from the lessons he gave to the team looks that there is no result. Maybe they are unlucky or they try to find the way for the best form, anyway for this week Mourinho is also a failure.

5. Carlo Ancelotti (Bayern Munchen 1-1 Koln)


Bayern Munchen until now has been in superb form. They have won all the match beside the match this weekend when they draw against the team of Koln. Because of less competition for Bayern in Bundesliga we can say that this draw might be more unlucky rather than a decreasing of the form of Ancelotti’s team. However Bayern fans expect higher performance by their team so that’s why this draw result we consider as failure of this weekend in football.




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