Bayern to get rid of “old” players


This three players together have 60 titles, this number can not be reached even from some top clubs.

For every player there is a contract expire date, and it looks like in Bayern Munich the time has come to leave top players as free agents.

In the end of the season Bundesliga champions could say goodbye to : Franc Ribery, Arjen Robben and Xabi Alonso all this three players contaminated  have won Champons League, World Cup and Europian cup.

Bayern always thinks about the future, and this three players are not the same anymore and with the muscular problems they have it is very hard for them to be on Bayern Munich future plans. Bayern Munich staff still do not make it clear to the media about the situation of the players.

Arjen Robben started the game against Koln for the first time after 5 march, he has had some physical problems. His situation at the club is only getting worse and it will be hard for him to get back in the starting eleven. The fans love him but its Carlo who decides who plays.


Ribery is nine years at Bayern , but it seems his history and his love for the club will not help him to stay at Bayern. He could be offered one year contract but it is very likely that he will not accept it.

Alonso is still a Bayern player thanks to Ancelotti, and if he keeps his current form it is very possible for him to get a new contract. If Alonos fails to impress or have some conflict with the staff, his door will be open to leave the club.



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