Zidane admits: Real Madrid can sack me!


Real Madrid has started this season with bad results. In the last four games they have four draw games. Zinedine Zidane surprised everyone with his last statement, he approved that he could be sacked from Real Madrid.

“I am not afraid if they sack me, sooner or later I know this will happen. I am enjoying every moment here, I had an incredible opportunity here and I am happy with my work.  It is not always an easy job but I like it, I need to learn it and still improve. Working with this players teaches me something new everyday ”


Zidane later told that they are working to get out of this situation and start winning the games.

” The most important think for me is the training, more than the matches. We have a excellent group of players, it is really important to solve the problems, and I will find the way how. It is not a very bad situation but it is not a good one also. We don not have physical problems, but the way we get on to the game is the problem” stated Zidane.



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