Ivanka Trump mistakes Lazio legend for religious icon


The daughter of President of America, Donald Trump, Ivanka has thought that the legend of Rome is a saint person.
Giorgio Chinaglia is Lazio legend, but Ivanka Trump thought he is some religious icon.

Ivanka along with her father are visiting Italy, where they have also visited an restaurant in Rome, where she has made the mistake.

“Which saint is he??” Ivanka asked about the legend Chinaglia, writes Huffington Post Italia.


But the he restaurant owner very quickly explained her that he is legend of Lazio.

“We explained to her that he was not a saint, but a great champion of Lazio,” said the restaurant owner.

Chanaglia ha played in Lazio since 1969-76, scoring 98 goals in 208 appearances, where he also won the Serie A title A in the 1973-74 season.