Shearer: Wenger Will Leave


Celebrated striker Alan Shearer believes the duel in the FA Cup final will be the last on which Arsene Wenger will sit on Arsenal‘s bench.

“Gunners” are playing against Chelsea today and have a chance to win the trophy to save the season a bit, in which they failed to win the Champions League.

The situation in Arsenal was commented on by the Premier League top scorer in history:

“For Arsenal, it’s been a very disappointing season and some of the players have hidden behind the manager and used it as an excuse,” said Shearer. “Wenger hasn’t announced his decision but there’s no doubt about it, it’s affected the football club and performances.”

“They’ve got to put in one hell of a performance for their manager in the cup final and they have to go out and win it for him. It’s going to be difficult, they’ve got injuries, suspensions and they’re playing against a very good Chelsea team that can do almost anything and are full of confidence,” he said.


“I don’t know whether he’s staying or going but no one can dispute Arsene Wenger loves Arsenal football club but with him delaying a decision it has affected performances. My guess is he will leave whether they win or lose.”