Ronaldo vs Messi? Surprising answer from Figo


Figo has couldn’t choose between Messi and Ronaldo, saying they both are the best.
Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are “the best two in the world,” according to former Barcelona and Real Madrid player Luis Figo.

The Argentine and Portuguese are dominating football world for many years, they have won the “Golden Ball” for nine years, helping their teams to triumph in La Liga and the Champions League.

Figo alked about Messi and Ronaldo, saying the two players can be considered the best, who hesitated to pick the best.

“They are both the best in the world. It’s hard to pick one and to say he is the best, “Figo said.

“Ronaldo and Messi are the only ones who have won all the individual trophies in the world of football and this is all about their talents. I will never choose between them, “added the Portuguese.


Messi and Ronaldo have passed another wonderful season (2016/17).

Real Madri is close to becoming the first team to win the Champions League twice in a row, helped by Cristiano Ronaldo to reach the final, who has broken the historic record by becoming the only player to reach 100 goals in Champions League history .

On the other hand, Messi finished the season with 54 goals and kept Barcelona in the race for the title of La Liga until the end, who finished the season with the title of Copa del Rey.