Cristiano Ronaldo: We want to make the history!


Cristiano Ronaldo is eager for more titles and the Real Madrid star is already looking forward to the final in Cardiff against Juventus. The Portuguese striker spoke with the UEFA media about the great final: “This is a goal that all the players want to accomplish. We want to make history and, if we win, we’ll be the first team who is able to win back to back titles with the new format of the Champions League. It’s an ambition and a dream. We’ll keep the fingers crossed”, Ronaldo explained.

The striker knows that Juventus is a very tough team: “We know it’s going to be a very difficult game but we are Real Madrid and we have a good opportunity to win”, the player said. Cristiano thinks it won’t be very different from the finals against Atlético Madrid: “It will be very similar to the last ones. These are finals that are at 50%. Both team will try to take of advantage of the rivals’ errors. The team that makes less errors will probably win. I hope this will be Real Madrid. It will be a thrilling game, everybody wants to watch it and the players want to be on the pitch to enjoy it. The expectations are high and the team has confidence”, the striker commented.

The Portuguese star also spoke about the rival, Juventus: “It’s an excellent team. They are not in the final by accident. They won the Italian League and the Cup. They are a tough rival and we know it will be a complicated game. They like to cover closely their rivals, like Atlético Madrid. Perhaps they have a great defensive line, but despite the great defenders, there is always a flaw in each defense. So we have to find the flaws, take the space that Juventus will give us during the game and take advantage to score”, Cristiano Ronaldo analyzed the game.


This will be Cristiano Ronaldo’s fifth Champions League final, after the two played with Real Madrid and the others played with the Manchester United t-shirt. “It’s always special playing the final of the Champions League. We’ll face a great team. Ke know it’s going to be tough but we are Real Madrid and we have a good opportunity to win. I think the final is at 50% but obviously I expect to win because it would be extraordinary”.

The player also wanted to highlight the difficult path to get to Cardiff: “Winning the Champions League is extremely complicated. In the Group Stage we went through in the second place after Borussia Dortmund, but I think we did well. After we were able to knock out big teams like Atlético or Bayern, for this reason we deserve to be in the final. Since I arrived to Real Madrid, we’ve always prepared the knock-out games even more focused and I think this show we are a great team”.

Finally, Cristiano Ronaldo spoke about his coach, Zinedine Zidane: “He’s done a extraordinary job. He started this season from the beginning and he’s showing the great coach he is becoming. I’m very happy with his job. I admired him as a player and now even more as a coach because he’s a positive person, very hard-worker and very respectful with the players. So I have no doubt that the success is due to Zidane and the excellent job he’s doing. All the players are happy with him”, the Portuguese star said.