Seven problems that Valverde must fix


Ernesto Valverde has been named new coach of Barcelona, he has signed a three-year contract
9sport has made an analysis about what Valverde has to change or do in Barcelona.

The Spaniard is expecting tough jobs from the beginning as he has to change seven things that will keep Barcelona in line with the big teams.

The seven things that Valverde must do are:

1. To bring back Barcelona to the top of world football – Barcelona recently lost their first place in the UEFA and FIFA rankings despite being among the best

2. Extend contract with Iniesta – Catalan midfielder has not yet decided to renew his contract, but Valverde will try to convince Iniesta that he is an important player in his team.

3. Reduce the importance of MSN – When Barcelona trio is in shape, they win without a problem, but when this trio has problems, Barcelona is suffering a lot.


4. To trust their academy – Barcelona recently has is not trusting players who have come out of the academy, as they believe more in big transfers.

5. To manage Messi – Argentine will soon become 30 years and Valverdes must take care of it and reduce his playing time.

6. Be Friendly with the players – Barcelona has suffered a lot with Luis Enrique, who was not friendly with the media, and often had even created scandals

7. Improve Defense – One of Barcelona’s biggest problems is defense. This is evidenced by the fact that during this edition they conceded four goals against PSG and three goals against Juventus