Ronaldo ‘enjoys watching Messi play’


Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo admits he “enjoys” watching Lionel Messi play and that his Barcelona counterpart is a “crack”.

Ronaldo and Messi have spent the past decade competing with one another for the status of best player in world football, breaking numerous records along the way, but the Portuguese insists he has “a very good relationship” with the No 10.

“I’m not Messi’s friend, but we’re fellow professionals,” he told Fox Sports Argentina.

“We’ve shared many moments at award ceremonies in the last 10 years, and I have a very good relationship with him.

“We don’t eat out together, but I respect him. He’s a fellow professional of mine, not a rival.


“It’s one more issue for the Press, which want to sell papers and do their business.

“Watching Messi play? Of course I like it, I like to watch all the good players and he’s one of them, he’s a ‘crack’. I enjoy watching him play.

“How can I not like a person who hasn’t done anything wrong, on the contrary?

“When Messi is asked about Cristiano, he also speaks well of me. My relationship with him is cordial and we respect each other.”