‘None better than Juventus’


Sami Khedira said “there’s no reason to leave Juventus, as there are few European clubs who could compete with where I am now.”

The midfielder spoke to German site Kicker ahead of Saturday’s Champions League Final with Real Madrid.

“It’s a game in which truly everything is possible,” said Khedira. “It will all be decided by how we prepare for the match and the incidents on the night.

“Real Madrid have a very strong attack and we must ensure that we defend as a team.”

It is a reunion for the 30-year-old, who was at Real Madrid from 2010 to 2015 before leaving as a free agent.

“If I had 10 good performances, at the 11th that wasn’t so good they would always criticise me. It was not an easy situation to deal with under that kind of pressure.”


There have been reports Khedira is thinking of moving on after the Champions League Final this summer.

“There’s no reason to leave Juventus. I am very happy here and will certainly stay until my contract expires. There are few European clubs who could compete with where I am now. Perhaps one in Germany and one in Spain, but I’ve already played for them.

“Juventus is the best.”