‘We deserve UCL win most’


Juventus striker Gonzalo Higuain believes that his side “deserve to win the Champions League most of all.”

He will face his former side Real Madrid in Cardiff on Saturday, but there will be no sympathy for them from the 29-year-old.

“I’m doing really well,” the Argentine told Tuttosport. “Why should I be excited? I’ve played in Europe for the past 11 years, so I’m well practiced in keeping my emotions in check.

“I feel great affection for Napoli and Real, but it’s the past. We will do everything to win the trophy.


“I do not have a very good relationship with finals? Well if I score tomorrow, do not come looking for me …

“In August we said this could be a magnificent vintage, and the right time has come.

“Allegri said he’ll play a great final? I hope so, it will be a tough game, beautiful.

“The whole team feels ready. it would be a beautiful dream, we deserve it most of all.”