Ronald has an important request for James Rodriguez

Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo has requested James Rodriguez to not leave the ‘Santiago Bernabeu’.
Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo is trying to convince James Rodriguez to not leave the ‘Santiago Bernabeu’

James is on his way out from Real Madrid. Mediums report that his last match with Real Madrid shirt will be against Juventus in Uefa Champions League final.

“James has his own reasons to leave and I respect his decision. If he does not feel happy and if he wants more, then he has to look for the best thing for himself,” Ronaldo told La Sexta.

“But if he asked for my opinion, I would tell him to stay at Real Madrid, of course he has his own complaints and the best thing for him would be to play more, but these are very personal things” , he said.

James Rodriguez, who has only played 13 matches this season, is between Manchester United and Inter. It is expected to see if Ronaldo’s statement will change Columbian’s decision or not.