Buffon, amazing words for Cristiano Ronaldo


Buffon has praised Ronaldo before the Champions League final
Juventus goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon has praised Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo before the Champions League final, which takes place on Saturday in Cardiff.

Buffon says Ronaldo is an example for everyone, as he does not like the comparison they make with him, seen as the two favorites for the “Golden Ball”

“Ronaldo is an example for everyone,” Buffon said.

“Comparison with Ronaldo? We have completely different roles, so there can be no comparisons between us, “he added.


“The Golden Ball is something I sincerely consider to be rewarding, but it is in the second plan. All we want is to win tomorrow, “Buffon said further.

“We have confidence in this final, but we have to take things slowly and respect the opponent,” Buffon added.