Ronaldo: I’m not galactico


Cristiano Ronaldo believes he is a player who has written history with Real Madrid, but does not consider himself “galactico”.
Ronaldo has been the main figure in Real Madrid since his transfer from Manchester United in 2009, helping the team win important trophies, two Champions League and two Spanish titles.

He has written history with Real Madrid, breaking numerous records as he is the best scorer of all time for Los Blancos.

Despite all that, Ronaldo does not consider himself a ‘galactico’, just like many other players transferred to the Santiago Bernabeu.

“I do not consider myself a galactico, but I consider myself a player who has made history with Manchester, Madrid and the national team,” he said.


Ronaldo added that he is not afraid to execute the penalty in the final because he likes to take risks.

“A penalty in the final? It is not intimidating. I like to risk, it’s a calculated risk, not a life or a death. I can score or muss it. But I will not miss it. You have to think positively, and this is the difference between good, very good players and galactic, “Ronaldo said.