Deco talks about Ronaldo before the final, Barca fans will not like it

There are still a few hours left until the Champions League final, where Juventus and Real Madrid will seek to write history, raising the most prestigious club trophy.

Barcelona legend Deco has glorified four times Golden Ball winner Cristiano Ronaldo, while he believes Real Madrid will win the Champions League.

“The finals are always 50/50 but I think Real Madrid will win. They have Cristiano Ronaldo, who scores a lot of goals. The way he works and prepares for a match is amazing. Ronaldo has been at higher levels for many years, this is amazing, “Deco said.

“I know people talk a lot about it because he is one of the best in the world and in history, expectations are high,” he added.

“With Ronaldo in the team the chances of winning are very high. He scores goals with his head, his left foot, his right foot, he us unpredictable, “added Deco.