Zidane’s emotional team talk before the Champions League final! (Video)

Zidane’s speech to the players in training a day before the final, is being commented by many of the world’s media.
Real Madrid won the Champions League by defeating Juventus 4-1 in the final, which seems to have been motivated one day before the end of this race.

“For me the most important thing is that we are here today, not tomorrow’s final. But today we are here. I am happy with what you have done throughout the season, “were some of the words that Zidane said to his players, one day before the Champions League final.

In Spain this video is shared a lot, which is being described as the key to Real Madrid’s success.

Real became the first team in history to win the Champions League two times in a row.

The 4-1 victory over Juventus secured Real Madrid the 12th title in history, five more than Milan. Real Madrid will play again in the Spanish Super Cup, the European Super Cup and the Club World Cup in December this year, likely to win even more trophies.