Emotional message from Pepe

Pepe has already confirmed that he will leave Real Madrid after 10 seasons.
The Portuguese midfielder, Pepe has confirmed that this summer will leave Real Madrid.

He today, through a status published on Facebook, has shown his love for Real Madrid and thanked everyone for his support.

Pepe has also shown his best moments with Real Madrid: training with the team every match at the Bernabeu and the love of fans.

Pepes full status:

“The day I came on June 12, 2007, I came to Real Madrid with the illusion of a child who goes to where he dreamed every day of his childhood.

Today, 10 years later, it is the moment to stop wearing this shirt. I have worn this shirt everyday with the same illusion.

Today I can only thank all of you who have supported me, who have written to me this beautiful story. Thank you to every one of you who accompanied me. Thanks to all the friends and colleagues I know they’ll support me wherever I go.

I also say goodbye to this city, which has seen my daughters rise and grow. I feel very happy for what I’ve accomplished and I’ll keep your love in my heart! And I say again…. the best of these 10 years??? Training every day, living with each and every employee of this club… stepping into the Santiago BernabĂ©u and feeling your support was always magical! In my heart I keep your love, and this feeling of duty fulfilled… Real Madrid and your love will always be part of my history, of my life! Thank you!