Ex-Milan stars: ‘Donnarumma will join this team’


Former Milan stars Giovanni Galli and Daniele Massaro slam Gianluigi Donnarumma for rejecting a Milan extension. “In my view, he’s going to Juventus.”

Today the Rossoneri announced that Donnarumma, via agent Mino Raiola, informed them of his definitive choice not to agree an extension.

As his current deal expires in June 2018, he’ll either be sold this summer or leave as a free agent next year.

“I want people to realise, and all agents to realise, that we are talking about Milan here and not any old club,” former goalkeeper Galli told Mediaset Premium.


“This club has won seven European Cups and represents Italian football. There must be respect for a club that has given a teenager this incredible opportunity to play regularly in Serie A.

“If he wants to earn more, that’s one thing, but saying he won’t sign a renewal regardless of the terms is not fair. At this point, I want to know the real reasons he is not signing a renewal.

“Donnarumma is 18 now, he’s an adult, so he has the right and above all the duty to explain his decision.”

Ex-Rossoneri striker Massaro was also present in the studio and posited a theory about agent Raiola’s plans.

“When Inter put a contract in front of me promising anything I wanted, I turned it down, preferring to respect Milan and end my career in Japan.

“I don’t know whose fault this is, but the fact remains Donnarumma has taken the fans for a ride. If his saves helped Milan earn six points in the first half of the season, it’s also true to say he lost them six in the second half.

“I think Donnarumma already has another deal lined up and in my view he’s going to Juventus.”