Revealed: The reason why Ronaldo is irritated with Real Madrid


Cristiano Ronaldo might have his last days as Real Madrid player and according to Spanish media, all this is because of the club. “El Confidencial” reports that Ronaldo feels “betrayed” by Real after requesting mediums to not use Ronaldo photos with Real Madrid shirt when covering the tax story and the reason is because it badly affects to the marketing of the club.
Four times Golden Ball winner Cristiano Ronaldo wants to return to Old Trafford as he feels “betrayed” by Real Madrid.

After accuses about of fiscal evasion, Real Madrid supported the Portuguese, but in a completely different way and not like CR7 expected.

“El Confidencial” reports that Ronaldo hoped that the club would come out to support him publicly, they did this only through a post on their official website.


That is not all, according to “El Confidencial”, Ronaldo feels “betrayed” after what the club did after reports about fiscal evasion.

According to “El Confidencial” , Perez has contacted all the media in Spain asking them to not use Ronald photos with Real Madrid shirt in reports on tax evasion.

This request was made because the club thinks this news negatively affect to the Spanish club’s marketing.

This seems to have irritated Roanldo, who feels betrayed and wants to leave at any cost from Santiago Bernabeu.

Manchester United is the team where the Portuguese can be transferred, as CR7 has consistently repeated that one day he wants to return to Old Trafford.