Donnarumma to Real Madrid? Raiola answers


Mino Raiola has confirmed the interest of Real Madrid and Juventus for Donnarumma.
Gianluigi Donnarumma has rejected the contract offer from Milan, which means that he can be sold this summer for a reasonable price, because the Rossoneri do not want to risk losing him with zero parameters since the contract with Milan expires in June 2018 .

Paris Saint Germain, Real Madrid and Juventus – are the three teams insisting on the 18-year-old Italian.

Raiola has said he is not in a hurry to find the new club for Donnarumma, but has confirmed the interest of Juve and Real Madrid.

“Is Donnarumma ready for Real Madrid? He was born ready, “replied Raiola.

“I have not spoken to any club yet. We have no deal with any team. He has had offers from Real Madrid and Juventus and other clubs since he was 14, so if he wanted to go, he would have done it long ago, “Raiola added, blaming Milan for rejecting the contract due The threat that has been made to the player to make a quick decision.


“I can assure you there will be no quick transfer,” added Raiola.

“I guaranteed them that there would be no cheap transfer, so we did not have the urge to sign the new contract, but they gave us an ultimatum until June 13th and we decided, the decision you already know. We were forced to make a decision that we were not prepared to take, so we refused, “said among other things Raiola.