Perez finally answers Ronaldo

Florentino Perez has finally talked about the latest news about Cristiano Roanldos leaving Real Madrid.
Real Madrid president Florentino Perez during an interview with Onda Cero has spoken about Cristiano Ronaldo and his concerns.

It is reported that Ronaldo wants to leave Real Madrid, because the club did not properly defend him about tax evasion.

Perez said he did not have much information about it, as he has not spoken to Ronaldo yet, but will do so after the Confederations Cup, as he does not want to bother the player.

He was saying that Ronaldo did not tell him anything, he asked Ronaldo to explain what happened.

“Ronald? I only know what I read in newspapers. Ronaldo, like the rest of the players, is a Madrid player. He must tell us what happened, “Perz said.

“I do not know much yet. He is on a tour with Portugal and I do not want to bother him. I do not know what happened and everything is strange. Whatever happened, he must tell us. I’ll talk to him after the Confederations Cup. ”

“I will defend Ronaldo as a person. But, in principle, everyone must carry out their tax obligations and I believe he has done so. It is tha same in Spain, is also in England and any other European Union country. ”

All in the end Perez told that Real Madrid has defended Ronaldo through an official statement and he has not said he is angry.