Perez reveals Morata and James future


Florentino Perez, the president of Real Madrid, has revealed that Alvaro Morata will remain in the squad for the next season.

He has denied media speculation that he has reached agreement with Manchester United for selling Morata for 75m euros.

“I do not think he will leave at all. No one wants Morata to leave,” Perez told Perez for Onda Cero.

  “I have talked to Morata and his father, we are happy with him. I read that there is a deal for 75 million euros for him, but there is nothing true,” he said.


Perez even insisted that James Rodriguez will not leave the champion of Europe and Spain.

“We see no reason to sell the players we have, including James,” he added.

“James is a Madrid player. No one has told anything and we are happy with him,” Perez concluded.