‘Donnarumma never wanted to leave Milan’

Gianluigi Donnarumma’s brother-in-law insists the goalkeeper never wanted to leave Milan but has blamed the Rossoneri for the media frenzy.

Carmine Paoletti called Milan “a club of clowns” on Instagram, in wake of the criticism that Donnarumma was subjected to after his refusal to sign a new contract with Milan went public.

However, the family member explained his outburst, which has since been deleted, came in the heat of the moment and was adamant a reconciliation could yet take place.

“Gigio cares so much about Milan,” he told IlMilanista.it.

“If the club are open to dialogue, I see no reason why their relationship should end.

“Unless their relationship has completely deteriorated. I’d like to think that love overcomes everything else, but it takes two to tango.

“My Instagram criticism of Milan? I didn’t think my words could have so much weight.

“It was an instinctive reaction to seeing my brother-in-law attacked so much, someone I’ve known since he was eight. I was among those who first admired him.

“I watched him play as a child, I was next to him when he cried tears of joy by realising his dream of playing in Serie A, at the club of his heart, and now I see him crying and feeling bad.

“I didn’t even think for a moment about putting myself against a club that are in football history.

“Although I’m a Napoli fan, I have great respect for the Rossoneri, but I’m also a human being.

“Besides, I’m not a public figure, I didn’t expect all this media coverage. Even death threats are now being sent to four generations of my family.

“The truth is that Gigio has never said he wanted to leave Milan. He simply asked for time before deciding on his future as he wanted to focus on the national team.

“It was Milan who gave him the ultimatum: they wanted an immediate decision.

“From there, the media circus started, but it was very much forced [on Gigio]. That’s why I posted what I did.

“Gigio didn’t want to leave, he was calm about his contract having a year left.

“I know for certain that he never even asked Raiola if there were other clubs interested in him. He’s only ever seen his future at Milan.”