Florentino Pérez: Something Unusual Should Happen for Cristiano to Leave


Florentino Pérez spoke with the journalists after renewing his position as Real Madrid president because he had no rivals in the elections. The president main issue at the moment is Cristiano Ronaldo’s decision to leave the club after the report made by the Spanish prosecutor saying that the Portuguese star had hidden €14.7M to the Tax Authorities.

The president hasn’t spoken yet with the player but he doesn’t think the footballer could leave the club: “Currently, he’s a Real Madrid player. It should happen something very unusual for him to leave. I I don’t consider it, especially without speaking with him”, Pérez said in the radiostation Onda Cero.

Florentino Pérez defended the Portuguese striker: “I know Cristiano Ronaldo and he’s a good guy, a good professional. Everything is very odd. I’ll speak with him and he’ll tell me. I’m going to defend him as a person. I think everybody should pay the taxes. But also he wanted to accomplish with his duties. I think he has the same corporate structure than in England, a country from the EU. It was valid there and he brought it here. I say how the news were treated and it also affected me”.

Some sources say that Cristiano Ronaldo is angry with the club because they didn’t defend him: “I’m not here to defend him. The club made a statement. It’s not because he earns a lot or not, but everybody needs to pay what they have to”.

Florentino Pérez also spoke about the different meetings he had with Cristiano Ronaldo: “He came several times to my office. We renewed his contract, but not because he was sad. He could leave, he could stay here forever […]. What I’ve been told is that he’s affected because of the media coverage regarding the Tax issue. He thinks he hasn’t been treated well in this country

. But I haven’t spoken with him”.

The president thinks that Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t want to hide money from the Tax Authorities: “I has a strong personality and solidarity. He makes a social labour that many people don’t know. He is as strong outside the pitch as inside. I’m sure he doesn’t fail to accomplish with his tax duties. I guess this is a confusion. It could have been misunderstood”.

Florentino Pérez said that he knew about the news when A Bola published the front page, last week. He hasn’t received any offer yet for Cristiano Ronaldo: “I haven’t spoken with Nasser [PSG boss] or anybody, and we haven’t received any offers for Cristiano, Morata or James. And we haven’t done any offer for anybody”.

Finally, the Real Madrid boss didn’t want to talk about a price: “There are no numbers. The only possibility we’re thinking about is staying with the players we have. And if we do something, it’ll be excepcional. Until the 31st of August, life could change”.