Bomb from Spain, Ronaldo keeps everyone silent (Photo)


Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo is being charged for tax evasion – hiding 14.7m euros.

But, according to a document published by COPE, based on Ronaldo’s defense staff, the Portuguese has paid 265,448.80 euros more than he should have paid. Now everything looks different, as it makes the Portuguese innocent and this is expected to end after the investigation is over.

Yesterday it was reported that Cristiano Ronaldo would listen the advice of Real Madrid staff advising Ronaldo to pay 14.7 million euros.

He has agreed to pay everything before he comes to court on July 31, when he must also testify against accuses of tax evasion.


This is confirmed by Cristiano’s spokesman, who said: “This does not mean that Ronaldo is guilty or accepts blame, but it simply shows his desire to cooperate and resolve the issue.”

But despite the 14.7m-euro payment, this does not mean that Ronaldo will not be punished, unless he is found guilty. This payment can only lower the sentence, of course if the Portuguese is found guilty.