Relax Real Madrid fans, Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t going anywhere


It’s a Déjà vu feeling, this entire ‘Cristiano Ronaldo is leaving Real Madrid’ saga. We have seen this play out in almost all transfer windows since he joined Los Blancos and broke the heart of the Red Devils while doing so.

He is still more widely supported at Old Trafford than he would ever be at the Bernabeu, something he has admitted publicly in a recent interview. And nothing would make Manchester United fans happier than to have their prodigal son back, barring maybe having a certain Scotsman back. Therefore, since this news of the supposed ‘irreversible’ decision broke out, Madridistas around the world are in shock.

Despite the speculation, there is nothing to fret over. Cristiano Ronaldo will stay put in Madrid and here is why:

CR7 only wants the best, and there is no bigger club than Real Madrid

Ronaldo knows fully well that Real Madrid are the top dog of the footballing world, the best club out there. None of the potential suitors can match the glorious history and might of the most successful club in the world. PSG are in Ligue 1, which surely is below Ronaldo’s league. China, MLS and Qatar were ruled out by Ronaldo himself last year – he said he wanted to compete at the highest level till he plays and money is not a factor for him.

Bayern Munich have said they were never in the race. Barcelona are forbidden since they have their own prodigal son, and because all Cules pretty much hate Ronaldo. That leaves us with the Premier League.

Three English clubs who have the wherewithal to afford his transfer price and pay his wages are possibly Manchester City, Manchester United and Chelsea. Guardiola won’t be too keen on him, as CR7 may not be the obedient student he needs. Chelsea are apparently preparing a sensational bid, but I doubt they will break the bank for Ronaldo. Which leaves us with Ron’s old flame – Manchester United.

Honestly, the only club which ever had a shot to prise Ronaldo away from Madrid are United. But if they couldn’t do it when Sir Alex was at the helm, they surely can’t do it now, both for sentimental and footballing reasons. They have barely qualified for the Champions League and finished 6th in the Premier League. Despite their glorious past, Manchester United are currently fighting their way back to be among the best. Plus, their coach is Jose Mourinho, and there isn’t much love lost between him and Ronaldo.

So, unfortunately for Ronaldo, there is no bigger club for him than Real Madrid. This is the club he always wanted to play for, and he is living the dream.

Real Madrid are his best bet to win more trophies – both collective and individual

It’s no secret that Ronaldo loves to win, so much so that he chides himself and everyone else when he doesn’t. And no matter what he says, he does care about the Ballon d’Or. His quest to be the best ever is threatened by Lionel Messi and he will leave no stone unturned to leave the Argentine behind in that department.


If he wins his 5th Ballon d’Or this year, which he should, he will be level with Messi. But surely, that’s not where he wants to stop. And the best bet to win more golden balls is by winning more Champions League titles. And which team to do it better than the one which has won three Champions League in four years?

Playing with the best players in the world

Ronaldo once said while playing for Portugal that if they had more players like him, they would have had a shot at winning major tournaments. He fully well understands and values having quality players around him. And Real Madrid have the best team and the best squad in the world right now, by a mile. A squad which only gets stronger with every transfer window.

Ronaldo knows that a team dependant on individuals can’t win many trophies, which was his biggest frustration with Madrid for the first few years; that they didn’t have a stable squad. Now that they have built one, it’s time to reap the benefits of the same and revel in the resulting trophies. Because this squad is going to win more silverware. Then there is also the small matter of Zizou, with whom he has found a coach who can be his friend and confidante.

Now, while Ronaldo must be cognizant of the value of Real Madrid, Perez and the club hierarchy also realise that Ronaldo is the reason behind most of their success over the years. Perez is a shrewd businessman, he will never show himself or Real Madrid to be on the back foot. But Real pride themselves on having the ‘best player in the world’. If he were to leave, not only will it be a marketing blow (shirt sales will go for a toss) but also a severe footballing one.

While it is fool-hardy to say that they can’t compete or win without Ronaldo, there is no one else in Real’s squad who can challenge Messi and Neymar for the Ballon d’Or next year, and they fully well know it. The best club in the world is supposed to have the best player in the world, and they can’t just let him go, even if he is being a petulant child and they are sick of his tantrums.

His value, in every sense, far exceeds these temporary distractions. Ronaldo is their highest-ever goal scorer, their Galactico who they boast about the world over. It’s a matter of pride for Real Madrid, something which they take very seriously.

So, like Cristiano likes to say – ‘Calma, calma, I am right here’. He’s not going anywhere folks. Because both him and Perez have much more sense than that.