Alvaro Morata now ‘one step away’ from signing for Manchester United, we take a look

On Monday afternoon AS have decided to go big with Alvaro Morata to Manchester United, at the time of writing it’s the main story on their website. The Real Madrid striker is ‘one step away’ from signing for the Premier League club, but that step looks as steep now as it was last week.

Straight away AS roll back, by saying ‘this week could be key’. Well, of course it could, it could also not be key.

The only thing lacking, state the Spanish newspaper, is Real Madrid accepting an offer from Manchester United.

Whoah, hold up, isn’t that the most important part and hasn’t this been the major thing lacking pretty much throughout? Well, yes.

Manchester United are said to value Morata at €70m, whereas Real Madrid want somewhere between €80m and €90m, and Los Blancos have a whole set of reasons for sticking to such a high price.

The one update AS do have is to say negotiations between Manchester United and Real Madrid have now resumed, having been suspended when the player got married. Quite why the two clubs would suddenly stop haggling over price just because Morata was saying ‘I do’ isn’t explained.

This one seems where it was last week, the week before, and maybe the week before that: Manchester United need to agree a fee with Real Madrid.

The one difference being that if and when they do, Morata will be freer to travel for a medical because his honeymoon will have ended.