Asensio speaks about Donnarumma transfer

Real Madrid‘s Footballer Marco Asensio praised the talented Milan-s goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma, who is allegedly wanted by Real.

Donnarumma’s contract is expiring next year and since he’s considering not to extend it, it’s speculated that he could move to Real.

“He is a young goalkeeper, who has shown that he is a great keeper. He has a great future, but he also has a great present. If he is prepared or not to play in Real Madrid, I do not decide it,” said Asensio.

Donnarumma is Milan’s first goalkeeper since he debuted with 16 years. They saw him as the successor to Buffon, and last season he played 38 games in Serie A.

It yet remains to be seen what the future will hold for this young talented goalkeeper, and the media in Italy believe that there is still the possibility of him staying in Milan and signing a new contract after he returns from the European Championship for players up to 21 years.