“Cristiano wants more money? No, he is an example for everyone”


Florentino Perez is confident that Cristiano Ronaldo is not angry for more money.
After charges of fiscal evasion, the Portuguese daily “A Bola” released the bomb reporting that Cristiano Ronaldo would leave Spain.

There are many who think that Cris is doing this to w in a new contract and more money, but that is absurd for Real Madrid’s number one, Forentino Perez.


He said Cristiano is not interested in money and has never done so for eight years at the Santiago Bernabeu.

“He is the best we have, Ronaldo is the best in the world. There are people who think he is doing this to improve the contract, but that has never happened in these eight years, “Perez said.

“Never came and asked for more money. Everyone says he will come now and ask for more money, but Ronaldo is not like that. He does not care about money, he just wants to be the best in the world, “Perez added.

“If he is nervous, it is because of the treatment. Cristiano is an example, “said Perez.