Arsenal Calms Their Fans: Reinforcements Are Coming

One of the best strikers in Europe is close to coming to the English Premier League, where big things are expected from him.

Ivan Gazidis has approved a large sum of money to bring a quality striker to Arsenal. After last summer’s failure and not so long ago in June of this year, Arsene Wenger managed to break the representatives of Lyon and arrange the transfer of Alexandre Lacazette.

The £40 million offer has been raised to 50, plus additional bonuses of up to £15 million. All in all, Arsenal will break the club record when the incoming transfers are concerned, as most they have paid was £47 million to bring Mesut Ozil from Real Madrid. Some tiny details about the payout yet remain to be solved. This news is conveyed by respectable British portals, including Sky Sports, who claim that Lacazette would officially become Arsenal’s member by Monday.

Lacazette scored 37 goals in 45 appearances last season and had five assists. He is a 26-year-old striker, whose primary task is primarily scoring goals, and that is exactly what Arsenal didn’t have in the past few seasons. Olivier Giroud and Danny Welbeck are not such players and the experiments with Alexis Sanchez and Theo Walcott also proved to be unsuccessful.

We also recall that Arsenal will soon find out about Alexis Sanchez’s decision whether he should stay or go after the Confederations Cup ends on Sunday. Getting Lacazette would be a step forward in quality, but if Sanchez leaves that could be disastrous for Arsenal.