5 times we saw the lighter side of Cristiano Ronaldo


Cristiano Ronaldo is always seen as someone very serious about himself. It is for this reason that most neutrals prefer Lionel Messi over him. Indeed, even though Cristiano Ronaldo has nothing to do with Lionel Messi’s wedding, there were some fans who took the opportunity to deride the Portuguese on Twitter.

However, this man is hilarious—perhaps even more than the somewhat-introverted Lionel Messi. Indeed, the former Manchester United man loves to fool around and prank his team-mates, so much that there are numerous YouTube videos that encapsulate his cheeky behaviour.

And here is 5 times we saw the lighter side of the four-time Ballon d’Or winner.

#5 Bus dance after winning the 2016 CL final

When Cristiano Ronaldo is profoundly happy, the little kid inside him just jumps out and takes control. This became evident after Real Madrid trumped Atletico Madrid to win the Champions League final in 2016.

After a terrible first half of the season under Rafa Benitez, things were looking bleak for Los Blancos. There was a strong belief that the Portuguese might just never win anything significant again in his time at Real Madrid.

So when Madrid were inside their team bus with the Champions League trophy six months after sacking Benitez, Cristiano Ronaldo became the team’s entertainer by dancing for the players. It surely did bring some laughs in the audience, revealing the lighter side of the great attacker.

#4 Basically every moment with Fabio Coentrao

Fabio Coentrao was signed from Benfica for a relatively big amount of €30 million. One of the reasons for Mourinho’s insistence on having the left-back in his team was because of his ability to play anywhere in midfield and defence.

Hence, Coentrao became known as the Joker among the Madridistas. Little did they know that the name really sticks with him in all senses since almost every Madrid player had a laugh at the former Benfica man’s expense.

Cristiano Ronaldo, however, seems to have a special relationship with his compatriot as he always bullied him and made fun of him during their time at Real Madrid. One such incident was their wrestling clash in the training ground before the Champions League final this season.

The two clearly seem to be enjoying themselves as they were childishly picking against each other in a moment that truly defined their amazing relationship.

#3 The Ultimate Homeless Guy Prank

This is probably the best prank by a footballer you will ever come across. Cristiano Ronaldo is a household name in almost any corner of the world, except in the country where they deem it fit to call football ‘soccer’.


Hence, it is only natural that people recognise him the moment he steps foot in public. However, one fine morning, the Portugal captain was adorned with prosthesis, covering his face with facial hair along with long and silky head hair.

To further conceal the truth about his identity, he wore huge shades to cover the entirety of his face with makeup and accessories. Finally, he got out there, unrecognised, and started playing alone with a ball.

As expected, nobody cared to join him; after all, why would anyone want to play with a random homeless guy on the street? One answer: just for the love of it. And that is what a child did. He joined the former Manchester United man on the streets and kept playing until Cristiano revealed his identity and gifted him the ball.

What a legend.

#2 Making Pepe his victim

This was one of the most hilarious incidents with Cristiano Ronaldo in it and certainly not the first one with Real Madrid players in it. It seems as though Real Madrid players just love grabbing the behinds of their team-mates.

At first, it was Isco getting a handful of Karim Benzema, unbeknownst to the camera filming them from behind. And then it was Cristiano Ronaldo shoving his middle finger inside Pepe’s back. In what appears to be just another day of fun and games in training, the Portuguese star was at his cheeky best and was fooling around with his team-mates.

And Pepe was the one who had to be the ‘victim’.

#1 CR7-Marcelo

It is no hidden story that Cristiano Ronaldo shares a special bond with his left-wing partner-in-crime, Marcelo. The Brazilian left-back and the Portugal captain share a camaraderie that not only makes them a devastating pair on the pitch, but also best friends off it.

When the duo are not busy dismantling the opponents with their fiery skills, they are always messing around and having fun and sharing laughs with each other. There are countless number of incidents where these two are seen playing pranks against each other.

One such incident is shown in this clip where the Portuguese hides behind the bus and waits for Marcelo to come so that he can jump scare him. Obviously, he succeeds as Marcelo does give a knee-jerky reaction to Cristiano’s tomfoolery.