Barcelona set deadline to sign Arsenal star


Barcelona want to sign Hector Bellerin in the next ten days

Hector Bellerin has been the subject of transfer rumours all summer long. The worst kept secret in Europe is that Bellerin wants a return to his boyhood club. Fortunately for everyone, Barcelona are poised to put a stop to the talks for the summer.

Reports in England claim that Ernesto Valverde’s club are determined to conclude negotiations in the next ten days. Evidently, officials with Barcelona are as tired of thinking about Bellerin as football fans are of reading stories linking him with a return to Spain.

Then again, this could easily be a negotiating ploy. The idea that Barcelona will cease negotiations if they can’t strike a deal in such a short amount of time is flimsy at best. If the club really want to purchase Bellerin, why wouldn’t they keep working on a deal deeper into the summer?

The more likely truth is that Arsenal have no intention of selling Bellerin under any circumstances. Arsene Wenger and company have been consistent with their message that he’s a crucial part of their long-term plans. His long-term contract with the Gunners tends to back up that idea.


Barcelona might be using this self-imposed deadline to put some additional pressure on the Premier League club. In essence, you can think of it as a last-ditch effort. It’s time for Barcelona to either secure Bellerin or move on to other transfer targets. Valverde doesn’t want to head into next season with Sergi Roberto and Aleix Vidal as his only options at the vital position.

As we said in the open, the good news here is that we should have a lot more clarity about Bellerin’s future in the next two weeks. The rest of the football press will have to focus on another transfer saga for the rest of the summer.