Milan Agrees To These “Crazy” Conditions


Donnarumma is very close to staying in Milan.

According to Italian media, Gianluigi Donnarumma has agreed on a new contract with Milan and will remain at San Siro for at least one season.

The story began when an 18-year-old goalkeeper, considered a successor to Gianluigi Buffon, declined to sign a new contract worth around €5 million per season. Relations between Donnarumma and Milan were tense; Milan threatened the player, while his agent Mino Raiola claimed that his client was a victim of a hostile environment.


Milan fans also offered their view on the situation. They were throwing fake money to the Italian and they had a transparent with the inscription “Dollarumma”.

It seemed like Donnarumma will leave the club; PSG and Real Madrid were interested in him, but the story got an unexpected turnaround. Donnarumma expressed his desire to stay, and that desire would be expensive for Milan who agreed to all of his conditions.

Donnarumma will earn €6 million a year, and this makes him the most paid player in the club and one of the most paid in the league. The compensation clause is €50 million if Milan does not qualify for the Champions League, and if they do, the clause goes up to €100 million.

Apart from the enormous salary, Milan must also bring his brother Antonio. The 26-year-old is also a goalkeeper who passed Milan’s youth academy, but he never played for the first team. He was mostly on loan, and now Milan has to return him the team for €1 million per season.

Allegedly, Donnarumma rejected €13 million because of Milan, since that’s how much PSG offered him per season.