Barcelona announce departure of Cristian Tello with signing of his replacement


The Barca board has finally let go of a deadweight. This comes after years and years of the club’s policy of giving players a second chance. This is how incapable players like Keirrison and Pinto survived in the squad despite their inability to make an impression. The club loaned out players like Cristian Tello time and again, but refused to let go of him.

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But now, new coach Ernesto Valverde has forced the board’s hand. But Barcelona did not fail to implement their strategically brilliant policy this around too.

On 30th June, Barca released the following statement :

FC Barcelona and Real Betis Balompié have reached an agreement for the transfer of Cristian Tello to the Andalucian side for four million euros with a potential one million more to come. FC Barcelona reserves the right to participate in the future sale of the player.

The last line of the official statement is the most important. This signifies that Barca have inserted a buy-back clause into Tello’s contract. This would mean that Betis would have to consult Barca on his sale, if they choose to do so. Barca would have first-option on him if that happens.


The club has also signed Tello’s immediate replacement in the squad and a possible backup for both Neymar and Messi, Gerard Deulofeu. His buy-back clause was exercised to sign him for a fee of €12 million.

Deulofeu returns to the club after successful spells with Everton and AC Milan (on loan). The club released the official statement on it’s website. It read :

FC Barcelona have activated the buy-back clause for Gerard Deulofeu. In the following days, the terms will be agreed with both Everton and the player. Deulofeu’s contract will run until 30 June 2019

This comes as a huge relief for the squad as a whole. The right wing and left wing has been struggling in terms of numbers after the departure of Pedro. But Deulofeu will fill that void, and provide rest to Lionel Messi and Neymar.