No chance to join Barcelona!


Marco Verratti’s agent Donato Di Campli has launched a scathing attack on Paris Saint-Germain for not allowing his agent to negotiate a transfer to Barcelona.

In a stinging interview, the agent questioned whether the Parisians would make any star signings this summer and how their owner told him he ‘would not be forgiven’ for sanctioning a sale.

“Paris Saint-Germain want to build a competitive team that wins in Europe and doesn’t just win Ligue 1 and the French Cup,” Di Campli told Corriere dello Sport.

“There has been a lot of talk about [Kylian] Mbappe and an offer of €150 million, but no Champions League-calibre player has arrived so far.

“To refuse to sell Verratti for €100m has become a matter of pride…do you know what [Nasser] Al-Khelaifi told me?


“He said that there is a contract to 2021 and that we can’t ever sell [Verratti] because he is considered to be a champion and a player the team is to be built around.

“He said if he sells him he’d be risking his job and that in Doha they’d never forgive him: he is a prisoner of Paris Saint-Germain’s Emir.

“Verratti knows perfectly well his contractual obligations to PSG, but it’s normal that he is flattered by Barcelona’s interest.”