9Sport: Are Mbappe and Donnarumma over-rated or not!?

Comparing the time in the 90’s when Maradona’s transfer that costed 5 million US dollars was the most expensive player, now the transfer market has been “crazy”.

In 2001 was set the world record for transfer after Real Madrid paid 77.5 million euro for Zinedine Zidane, but the player wasn’t unknown or any “young talent”. He was proved as World Cup and European Cup winner with his National team, France.

After that another transfer feed record was set by Real Madrid with transferring from Manchester United to Real Madrid for a transfer fee of 94 million euro. And the last big transfer of Real Madrid was in 2013 with Gareth Bale that costed 100 million euro to Real Madrid.

Now we have the case with two player that are only 18 years old. Is the striker of Monaco Kylian Mbappe that is target for transferring to big clubs but with main interest by Real Madrid and the other one is AC Milan goalkeeper Donnarumma that was in huge pressure from Milan fans not to consider move away from Milano this season.

Comparing to the players mentioned before, even Mbappe or Donnarumma are very young to ask much earnings from this period. This has been proved that a lot of players that have forgot the football and have concentrated on the money have been floop transfers in their new clubs.

Monaco has stated that if Real Madrid or any other club wants to buy Mbappe should pay a record 130 million euro to Monaco, and keeping in mind that he is only 18 makes you think that if his career goes good after 5 years his possible transfer fee could achieve 500 million euro, and the question is would the football market be able to pay this amount of money only for one player?

Same is case with Donnarumma that now looks like he wont leave Milan but from 300 000 euro that he was earning until now, sources near Milan say that the club has offered 6 million euro in a season for the next 4 years, which also puts him as the most paid goalkeeper in the history of football. The same will be with Donnarumma after 6-7 years like with Mbappe, if now he will earn 6 million per season it might come that after 6-7 years to earn around 20 million euro that it’s way to expensive for a goalkeeper. We remand that Buffon on the same age as Donnarumma when he accepted to move from Parma to Juventus was earning only 400 000 euro in a season.

However, the football market is growing fast and is becoming the most expensive sport ever. We have just to wait and see if the money will ruin the beauty of the game in the future.