To fund the transfer of Mbappe, Real Madrid has to sell these players!

Real Madrid are looking desperate to bring the young talented player Kylian Mbappe in Santiago Bernabeu this season.

But for them to keep the Fair Play transfer policy they have to make space for Mbappe not only in the pitch but also from the financial character. According to sources near Real Madrid, for “Mbappe” operation to have success the club has to sell some player to achieve the financial amount of around 130 million euro, the sum that Monaco want for Mbappe.

One of the two “victims” from this transfer is either James Rodriguez or Alvaro Morata. Real Madrid more likely want to keep Morata on the team, as he is a product of Real Madrid academy but James Rodriguez will probably leave Madrid. He is offered to Manchester United, Chelsea, PSG and AC Milan, and if any of the clubs pay 60-70 million euro it’s just a matter of day when this transfer would be done to one of the mentioned clubs.

The surprising thing is that Mateo Kovacic is already on the transfer list after the club board gave “green light” to Tottenham to start negotiation with the player. The transfer fee that Tottenham would pay for Kovacic is around 25 million euro.

The third player that might leave Real Madrid and is already in talks with Chelsea and Juventus is the Brazilian Danilo, who is reported that Madrid have accepted an offer by both Chelsea and Juventus around 22.5 million euro.

Does it worth to sell three players just to have Kylian Mbappe in the team it’s something that only time in the future can prove.