Three Real Madrid players candidate for number 10!


After James Rodriguez left Real Madrid now the legendary number 10 it’s free. Of course a club like Real Madrid would not leave the “playmaker” number without any player to wear it next season.

According to sources close to Real Madrid, there are three players that could wear this number.

The first one is Luca Modric, who also in his national team wears number 10 and he has expressed the wish for the next season to play with this number on his jersey. Even the number that he already has 19, is because the number 10 was occupied when he joined Real Madrid, but the meaning of the number 19 is similar to number 10 (1+9=10).

Meanwhile, Isco has expressed also his wish to be the number 10 of Real Madrid, and maybe he deserves this number more than everyone because of his skills as attacking midfield and a player that can play behind the strikers. Also because he is Spanish, and Real Madrid is trying to build a team that will be 80% from the Spanish national team, the chances are very high that Isco will play next season with number 10.


The third option is also Benzema to take the number 10, as he has played with his national team with number 10, but now that’s not the reason why he would like to get this number. More likely Benzema will be “forced” to take this number just to make free number 9 for a possible transfer of the other Franch young player Kylian Mbappe that if he joins Madrid probably will take number 9.

These are all three possibility in the case who will wear number 10 for Real Madrid in the season 2017/18.