The player who could take Casemiro starting position

For the last 2 seasons, Casemiro has been
vital to Real madrid’s success,he is mostly
known for his flying tackles, stopping
counters and his dirty work.

He has cemented his place in starting XI
since Zidane’ arrival.

However, Real madrid academy graduate
Llorente is real theatre for Casemiro.

The wonderkid have shown that he can
compete with Casemiro in white shirt,apart from defensive duties, he is very good with ball on his feet, he is also good in aerial situations, his passes, take ons, and tackles are breathtaking.


Llorente and casemiro are similar in term of position; they are all NO.4s;who are known as defensive mids, however, there game play is not similar, Casemiro is more like Makelele, he is workhorse,he can stop every attack with single tack and can win the ball back anytime,he give proof the back four and bring stability to the team.

Apart from that, he dont have much to
offer,bhe is not that good with ball,he can’t dribble under pressure and he did not offer much offensively.

Llorente on another hand is something
different, though he don’t have Casemiro’
physicality and work rate,but he is very
intelligent, he tackles, passes, dribbles and win aerial duels.

If you watch D.Alaves game [even yesterday’ final],you will find out how good and impressive he is.

He can start counter attacks and stop
opponents one,he is also young and have to improve.

He always remindes of Xabi alonso and
he will definately succeed at Madrid.
Casemiro and Llorente are all Madrid players, everyone is important and have his pros and cons, Zidane would like to have them all at Real madrid, Real Madrid fans would like to see them competing for thay DM spot, this kind of competition is what every coach is dreaming to have in his team, Real Madrid are lucky to have them all.

Author: Omar Farouq