Real Madrid Getting 100% Ready


If pre-season was easy we’d all be doing it. It’s not so only a select few manage this, especially at a club like Real Madrid.

Keylor Navas is happy to be involved with training in UCLA as Real continue the all important preparations for the season ahead with Los Blancos looking to make sure we’re ‘100% ready’ to defend the La Liga and Champions League crowns won in the last campaign.

He told ‘We’re getting ourselves 100% ready and we’re really happy to be able to train every day and give our all. We’re on the right track.’

Navas, who will be involved in his fourth season at the Santiago Bernabeu and will look to further cement his status as Real’s number one, which would be helped if his niggling injuries didn’t crop up, knows it’s tough at the moment but this effort in LA will be worth it.

‘We’re working hard because this is the time when you can work on all aspects of the game: have a heavy workload, work on your pace, handle balls of different weights, practice your jumping, complete exercise with hurdles, perfect your technique on the ball and when it comes to aerial play. We’re trying to work on everything, so that once the season starts we’re at 100%.’


Real will then face another training programme during the winter break.

‘In December, after the break, we’ll put another training programme in place in which we’ll introduce a bit more in terms of the workload, which will take us through to the end of the season, just like we did last year, when we were in very good shape.’

Looking ahead to the actual season the Costa Rican international know this club is good enough to challenge for silverware, it must challenge for trophies, but Navas is also aware Real have to be respectful to our opponents.

If the squad keep working hard, we’ll need a bit of luck too, Navas went on to say we can achieve our objectives.

‘We have to go into the season and remain as gracious as we have been up until now. The team is good enough to win some silverware and that’s what we’ll be fighting for. However, we’ll have to be gracious and be aware that we can gradually improve to reach the end of the season in good shape and win the trophies that we want to.’