Real Madrid showing arrogance to let Alvaro Morata walk


Real Madrid are selling Alvaro Morata to Chelsea in a huge deal. They are arrogant to let him walk away now and guilty of short-termism.

Real Madrid never learn. As long as I can remember they have been this way. Never building for the future and demanding they win now. Their global fan base and political position in Spain mean they will always be in contention but their approach is never more than short-termism.

The current ages of their front three are Ronaldo (32), Benzema (29) and Bale (28). As we saw in the Champions League run Cristiano Ronaldo is still one of the most ruthless player in world football. But his 25 league goal haul is the lowest of his time at Real and will only go one way. Benzema is at the end of his prime and only brought in 11 league goals. Gareth Bale is still at his peak but injuries restricted him to just 19 league appearances.


Alvaro Morata was the best per minute scorer Real last season. He is younger and hungrier in a World Cup year. He is a home town player and hero. Chelsea think he is good enough to lead their line so why sell him? Why not sell Benzema instead, especially with James Rodriguez joining Bayern Munich?

It is because they presume they will just sign Mbappe whenever they want. Perhaps they will be fine next year with no attacking additions; though I doubt they will. More likely they do not see the long-term benefits of keeping Morata and embedding him as the future. They just don’t think that way.

I think this is a move they will come to regret and will be seen as arrogance in hindsight. A club at the height of success naive to how quickly things can change.