Cristiano Ronaldo will remain at Real Madrid for another two to three years according to Zinedine Zidane.

The Real boss moved to allay talk of Ronaldo moving to Manchester United, rumours of which have been circling in the last number of weeks.

“There has been a lot of talk surrounding Cristiano, that he wanted to go,” Zidane acknowledged. “I only believe in one thing, whenever I’ve spoken to him, he has been very relaxed.

“He’s on holiday and he will be back with us on the fifth [of August]. I listen, just like everyone else, but the only thing I am concerned with is what he wants to do with Real Madrid.

“He’ll be here with us on the fifth and I think he’ll stay for the next two or three years he’s got left with us.”

Ronaldo is scheduled to return to action for Real Madrid in a months’ time after their clashes with Manchester City in Los Angeles and Barcelona in Miami, with Zidane, saying: He’s on a very well-deserved holiday after the year we’ve had,” Zidane said. “He has to come back in and we’ll look at when he will get some playing time. I’m sure he’ll be ready in no time.”