No Transfer Activity with Real Madrid this Summer

The next fixture of Manchester United`s US Tour sees them go head-to-head with Real Madrid.

It`s probably fair to say that the two clubs are not on the best of terms following the recent transfer sagas of Alvaro Morata and David de Gea.

Ahead of the fixture Jose Mourinho, speaking to the media, has ruled out any transfer activity between the two giants of European football this summer.

Talking about the continued speculation relating to 26-year-old de Gea making a return to the city of Madrid, Mourinho has remarked,

‘I can guarantee he is not going this season.”

Which is good news for Manchester United supporters but in stark contrast to the stance taken last summer when it looked as if a deal could be done, prompting Mourinho to further add,

‘The club was closed, but when a player has a desire to go, I don’t stop them. So, we opened it and they decided to close.’

Continuing on a theme, Mourinho added about another player the subject of speculation, Gareth Bale,

‘He was never on my list.

‘It is clear Bale likes Madrid. He is in a very good situation. I never felt a desire from him to leave. So why lose time and energy on that?’

So, that`s that all sorted then!