‘Nothing happened in Cardiff’


Juventus captain Gianluigi Buffon insists “absolutely nothing happened” at half-time in the Champions League final.

The Bianconeri played well in the first half against Real Madrid in Cardiff, but they conceded three goals after the break to lose 4-1.

It has been reported since that Leonardo Bonucci argued with Andrea Barzagli and Paulo Dybala, something given credence by the centre-back’s surprise move to Milan this summer.

“We lost in Cardiff because we met a better team,” Buffon insisted, speaking to Sky.

“Absolutely nothing happened, if it had then I’d stay silent and I wouldn’t even say these few words.

“I want the Bianconeri fans to know and be assured that our professionalism and attachment to this shirt would never allow such an important commitment to be destabilised by these phantom arguments which were recounted in the days immediately after the Champions League final and would only serve as excuses.


“We didn’t have any arguments at half-time, but only because we faced a team which put us down in the second half.”

Buffon plans to retire at the end of this season, does that mean his final campaign will be tinged with sadness?

“For me, knowing that this year will be my last one is something captivating and exciting.”