Cristiano Ronaldo with official statement!


Cristiano Roanldo reacted after the trial he held today, by issuing a press release

Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo today participated in the first court session, accusing him of tax evasion.

The Spanish prosecution accuses Portugal of hiding 14m euros since its transfer from Manchester United in 2009.

Ronaldo did not speak for journalists after the trial but issued a press release st ating that he did not hide anything and always paid his taxes.


“I’ve never hidden anything and I never intended to get tax. Spain’s Treasury knows in detail my income, because we have given it access, “it says at the beginning of the press release.

“I have always voluntarily paid the taxes and always declared and paid. Those who know me know that I have advised their representatives to do everything in time and pay what is required because I do not want trouble, “he continues.

“It’s time to let justice work. I believe in justice and hope that they will make the right decision. To remove unnecessary pressure, I decided not to talk about this issue until a decision has been made, “says the end of the press release.